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Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School

Ocean Class News

Christmas Stories (15th December 2017) 

The children this week enjoyed an RE themed week investigating the Christmas stories in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Ocean Class also enjoyed a rock workshop where they were able to recreate Queen’s ‘We Will rock You.’

They are all starting to feel a little bit festive as you can see!












Tolerance (8th December 2017)

Blythe and Sophie presented a PowerPoint in Collective Worship concluding our value of Tolerance. The children in assembly enjoyed playing the games within it.

You can take a look at the presentation here.


The Stone Age (1st December 2017)

The children have been exploring more about the Stone Age. They collected materials from the local wood and then had a go at creating their own paint by grinding what they had collected. IT was harder than they anticipated. The class will now use the paint to decorate a cave just as the Stone Age people at Lascaux in France did.







The Higgins Museum (24th November 2017)

Ocean Class enjoyed a visit to the Higgins museum in Bedford this week. They had a fantastic time discovering just how hard it was to live in the Stone Age. Harrison reenacted a scene from a burial during the Stone Age. The children learned that you would have been buried with artefacts such as daggers, a beaker of food and archery equipment to help you in the after life. 











The Stone Age (17th November 2017)

Ocean Class children had a go at making their own coracles this week as they continued to look at the Stone Age. As they discovered it wasn’t as easy as they first thought. Imagine trying to make one from wooden strips and animal skins.






 RE (10th November 2017)

Ocean Class children are beginning to look at a new topic within RE investigating Baptism and the Gospels. They were asked to recreate a list of the good uses of water and when water is more destructive or the consequences when it is in short supply.




Play Leadership (20th October 2017)

This week the Year 4's have undertaken Play Leaders training. The course was run by Mr Blunt and the School's Sports Partnership. The children had a great time and are looking forward to showing off their new skills.





The children in Ocean Class have also been investigating lung capacity. The class took some large water bottles and created a measurement scale in litres down one side. They inverted the bottles in water and threaded a piece of clear tubing into the bottle. Each child then took it in turns to see how much water they could displace indicating their own lung capacity.







Outdoor Learning (13th October 2017)

The children in Ocean Class have enjoyed some more outdoor learning. They were exploring how many shapes and angles there were in the school grounds. They explored both natural items and man-made ones. Isobel & Sophie counted an amazing 217 right angles on the climbing frame alone.








Flower Festival (9th October 2017)

The Year 4 children were invited by Mrs Margaret Pryor to prepare flower arrangements for the Sutton Flower Festival. They did a fantastic job. The Year 3 children completed arrangements for the classrooms in the school which were beautiful.




Football Tournament

Ocean Class children attended a football tournament this week. They played a competition and also had the added attraction of being able to train with football players form Luton town. They scored lots of goals and had a fantastic day.



Learning Logs (22nd September 2017)

Toby and Chloe shared their interpretations of a Generosity Tree. Each had decided to make a 3D tree as opposed to drawing them and what a fine job they both made.



A great first week! (8th September 2017) 

The children have had a good start to the school year. We have been making the most of the last warmth of summer and having been using our outside space for Outdoor Learning. The children have had a mathematical treasure hunt; performed drama based on fables and have looked at food chains.











"Move up Day" (14th July 2017)

The new Ocean class children, as part of Move Up day,  was to construct the tallest tower they could against the clock. Each team had 20 strands of spaghetti, 5 marsh mallows, some tape and some string. Well done to our winners Isabella and Milen.







Water Cycle (30th June 2017) 

The children in Ocean Class completed their look at rivers and the Water Cycle. As you can see they created some very impressive collages showing the journey from source to sea.



The children had a treat this week when Premier Sport came to teach them dodgeball. They thoroughly enjoyed the session.



Handball (16th June 2017)

The children in Ocean Class were treated to a hand ball session. Paul Blunt from the Sports Partnership came to instruct them. They did incredibly well at their first attempt.

Eight of the Ocean Class children competed in the Sports Partnership Quad Athletics at Bedford Athletics Stadium. For once the sun shone! The team did incredibly well winning several events. Well done to those that took part.













A busy week (26th May 2017)

Sutton School hosted the annual Hutchison Cup football competition. Other local Lower schools joined in the fun. Many congratulations to Potton Lower, this year’s winners.

We had a slightly different Tuesday morning this week. The children had 2 hours in instruction on First Aid. They should now know what to do in an emergency and whom they should contact. They also learnt how to place someone in the Recovery Position.

Sutton School Parliament organised a fundraising art competition in aid of WaterAid. As you can see the children enjoyed creating their entries outside, making the most of the glorious sunshine. Well done to our winners: Elsa; Milen and Arthur.





Kwik Cricket - The Final (19th May 2017)

Some of the children form Ocean Class went to play at the county final of Kwik Cricket this week Unfortunately, the weather gods were not on their side but it did not deter the children from trying their best. They finished 4th in the tournament. Well done to all those who took part.



Kwik Cricket

Ten children from Ocean Class braved the unseasonably cold temperatures to play Kwik Cricket against other local lower schools. They did exceptionally well and have made it through to the final on 18th May. Go Sutton Go!



The children enjoyed a taster session of golf when the John O’Gaunt Golf Club came to the school. For all those interested, they will be delivering an after school club in the next few weeks.




Spring sunshine (21st April 2017)

The children of Ocean Class made the most of the Spring sunshine and tried various techniques to measure a tree. They compared an object with a tree and estimated its size. They also found themselves in some interesting positions whilst trying to measure.









Values Day on Friday 24th March. The theme was Love.

The children spent the day thinking about love and made a woodlands heart, thinking about our environment and how important trees are;  a clay heart tile with a model of something / someone they love  and some Comic Relief activities remembering how fortunate we are in our own lives.


Blythe's Learning Log (31st March 2017)

My Dragon Twilight

Amrita's Learning Log (31st March 2017)

Dragons Den


Connie's Learning Log (22nd March 2017)

Connie has put together a great PowerPoint presentation of French Phrases she has learnt. You can see the presentation here.


World Book Day (3rd March 2017)

The whole school celebrated World Book Day with some amazing costumes as the children dressed up as their favourite book characters. The children were also treated to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party by the Friends of Sutton School.






The Last Supper (24th February 2017)

The children in Ocean class have been looking at the topic of Salvation in RE. The children took part in a re-enactment of the Last Supper. They thought about the change in mood from the celebration supper of the Passover, to Jesus announcing that someone was about to betray him. They also enjoyed unleavened bread and wine (blackcurrant flavoured!)







Amrita's Learning Log (10th February 2017)

Amrita has put together a wonderful Learning Log about Anne Frank and her diary. You can read it here.

Blythe's impressive Learning Log was the French alphabet which you can read here.

Science (3rd February 2017)

The children this week have been looking at magnetism in science. They conducted an experiment to see which type of magnet was the strongest between a horseshoe, wand and bar magnet. There were some surprising results.






The Great Garden Bird Watch

Sutton Lower School is getting ready to take part in the Great Garden Bird Watch to help the RSPB collect data on bird populations. Chloe has brought in some bird feeders from home which have been filled to entice the birds.




Electricity (20th January 2017)

The children in Ocean Class are very much enjoying their new topic of electricity. This week the children have investigated circuits and how to create switches. Using this knowledge, they have constructed their own torches from recycled bottles.



13th January 2017

Ocean class have been looking at the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus. They have written and performed from memory their own version.

Ten members of the class travelled to Alban Academy to take part in a rugby tournament on Wednesday. They played extremely well and came second in their group. A great way for Josh to celebrate his birthday!


Happy New Year! (6th January 2017)

Ocean class have started the New Year by looking at place value in maths. They constructed their own number line.



Panto! (9th December 2016)

Ocean Class had an incredibly exciting Wednesday this week. The morning was spent enjoying an excellent version of Peter Pan at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage. Following the performance we travelled around the corner and visited the space and satellite division of Airbus and saw satellites being made. A great day was enjoyed by all.


Maths (2nd December 2016)

The children in Ocean class made the most of the winter sunshine and ventured outside for maths.

Various activities were completed. Some children drew clocks and then challenged each other to say what time it was; others measured the length of the playground and estimated then timed each other to travel this distance in varying ways, whilst Year 4 children measured and calculated the area and perimeter of objects in the playground.




The Dark Ages (18th November 2016)

The children have been looking at if the Dark Ages were Dark. This week the Vikings invaded in their long ships.  Chloe also brought in some of the Bayeux Tapestry to share with us – it looked fabulous.











A busy week (4th November 2016)

Ocean Class children have had a busy week. They have started their new topic asking ‘Were the Dark Ages Dark?’ The children also took part in play leader training. They are now able to lead activities and games to keep all the children in the school happy at play times.

The whole school took part in Values Day activities this week. We looked at British Values. The children explored what made them special and what they would only find in Britain; why November 5th is still remembered and celebrated today and why we have the Union Jack as the British flag.









Six-a-side Football (28th October 2016)

A group of children from Ocean Class competed in a Football Tournament for Years 3 and 4 at Alban Academy. The team played very well with Tom scoring a hatrick in one game! Well done to all those who took part.

Sandwich Tasting (14th October 2016)

The children of Ocean class had a sandwich tasting session this week. They explored taste, texture, packaging and whether they were healthy or not.


This week, Elizabeth has put together a fantastic presentation about Animal's Teeth!

Harvest Festival Service (6th October 2016)

Ocean Class children travelled to St Albans Cathedral this week to take part in a Harvest Festival service. Many of the schools within the Diocese came together to celebrate the harvest. The children really enjoyed the event. Elizabeth, Joshua and Bella were asked to read prayers whilst Tom and Blythe proudly paraded the school banner.

Well done to Arthur who put together this Power Point presentation, Where Does My Food Go?

A busy week in Ocean Class (23rd September 2016)

Open the Book began their regular Bible story re-enactments this week. The children were told about the serpent in the Garden of Eden and how it tempted Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit.

The winners were announced of the Flower festival art competition to celebrate ‘90 Glorious Years’ of the Queen’s reign. The overall winner was Judith who created a rather magnificent painting of one of the Queen’s coaches.

The children in Ocean class continued to look at the digestive system. Sophie helped ‘chew’ food before it entered the Oesophagus. Connie produced an interactive model of the journey of food through the digestive system as part of her learning log. She also produced a PowerPoint.

Global learning Day took place across the school. The theme was ‘Life without Taps.’ The children investigated how we all use water, how much water we waste, the importance of clean water and also took part in team games to demonstrate how difficult it can be to collect water from one place and deliver it to another.





A Great First Week!

The children in Ocean class have returned and are very keen to work. Our topic for this half term is ‘Where does our food go?’ Chloe has been very keen to complete part of her Learning Log already with this fabulous model.



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